5 Minute, Oil Free, Tofu Scramble

5 Minute, Oil Free, Tofu Scramble


Quick and easy tofu scramble! This recipe is perfect for quick meals paired with some carbs or meal prep 3-6 servings for an easy weekday protein. 


What makes this tofu so quick, easy, oil free, and higher in protein?

Absolutely oil free. You can simply use soy milk to keep everything from sticking. Any pan will work! Just keep the heat at a medium to low temperature and make sure to stir every so often. 

Higher in protein with three sources of protein; firm tofu, nutritional yeast, and soy milk.

The firmer the tofu the higher the protein per serving. So choose medium to firm tofu for most recipes. Save silken tofu for puddings or sauces.

Nutritional yeast is a great source of vegan protein! Every 1 tbsp is 30 calories and 3g of protein. Using 1/3 cup in this recipe increases the protein by 15g! Use it in sauces, on popcorn, or as a seasoning when roasting vegetables. 

Soy milk has 8g protein per cup in comparison to almond milk which generally has around 1-2g protein per cup. Pretty significant if you ask me!



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Recipe makes three servings

Macros per serving:

239 cals - 11g fat - 8g carbs - 27g protein



500g firm tofu, drained but not pressed

1/3 cup nutritional yeast 

1 tsp turmeric powder

1/2 salt 

1/2 cup soy milk 



Crumble the tofu by hand into a large pan.

Add nutritional yeast, turmeric powder, salt, and soy milk.

Bring heat to medium and mix the ingredients.

Cook for 4-5 minutes or until everything is well blended and warmed through.

Plate and top with black pepper to increase the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric!

Enjoy over toast, with cooked veggies, or roll it into a wrap with salsa!




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