Brownie Batter Oats with 30g Protein

Brownie Batter Oats with 30g Protein


Ladies, this one goes out to you. This chocolate pudding like breakfast dessert is absolutely perfect for that end of luteal phase into the moon phase part of your cycles. You know that part of the month where you could eat chocolate for all your meals? Well this has you not only covered with a double chocolate layer but it also packs fibre, protein, iron and magnesium, which is just the nutrition boost you need during those end of cycle days.


Recipe notes:

I like using sprouted oats, I buy them in bulk at Costco, because they're more nutritionally dense than regular rolled oats. That being said you can definitely use whatever oats you have on hand.

I loveee the rich chocolate protein from Nuzest. It's only a few ingredients, is super blendable and never chalky, plus it's made from high quality golden peas. All their flavours are great. I always have the smooth vanilla and rich chocolate on hand. I've dropped a discount/affiliate link for you below so you can save on protein!

To get the most iron and magnesium benefits try to use real cacao powder and real cacao chocolate. I've linked the cacao I always have stocked with a discount/affiliate code below. As for real cacao chocolate, by now I am sure you know Zazubean is my go-to.


Recipe makes one serving (can easily be doubled or tripled for meal prep!)

Macros per serving:

464 cals - 20g fat - 41g carbs - 30g protein



1/3 cup sprouted oats

25g Nuzest Rich Chocolate Protein, 15% off discount code: "EVANNRYAN"

1 heaping tbsp cacao powder, 10% off discount code: "EVANN10"

3/4 cup water 

2 tbsp full fat coconut milk

20g chocolate 

pinch of sea salt 



To a high speed blender add: oats, chocolate protein, cacao powder and water. Blend until super smooth.

Pour into a container and set in the fridge while you make the ganache.

Ganache: add chocolate and coconut milk to small sauce pot and bring heat to low. Stir constantly, until you have a thick ganache like texture.

Pour over oats.

Top with sea salt and set in the fridge to firm overnight.




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