Key Lime Pie Protein Bowls

Key Lime Pie Protein Bowls


 Creamy, tangy, tart, and crunchy, this epic pie inspired yogurt bowl packs 35g protein per serving and works perfectly as a breakfast, snack, or dessert. The crispy, crunchy top pairs soo nicely with the creamy base and will have you absolutely CRAVING this recipe.


Recipe makes 2 bowls

Macros per bowl:

428 cals - 20g fat - 27g carbs - 35g protein



1 1/2 cups plain coconut yogurt, I like the Maison Riviera Brand

80g vanilla protein powder (2 scoops/servings)

2 tbsp lime juice

small pinch sea salt

8 vegan graham crackers, crushed, I used Mary's Gone Cracker Kookies

2 tsp vegan butter, melted



To a bowl add yogurt and protein powder.

Whip until you have a smooth consistency.

Add in lime juice and salt, mixing until smooth.

Divide between two containers or bowls, set aside.

Crush the graham crackers to a fine crumb.

Add crushed crackers to a bowl with melted butter, mixing well.

Divide graham cracker "crust" across the two yogurt bowls.

Seal and refrigerate until ready to eat.




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