Red Lentil Peanut Butter Curry

Red Lentil Peanut Butter Curry


Who doesn't love a big one pot meal for family dinner or personal meal prep! This protein packed curry is soy and gluten free and can be served as is in a big bowl with a spoon, think curried soup style, or you can pair it with sweet potato wedges like I did, basmati rice, naan, pita, or a low carb rice like eatpalmini (20% off discount/affiliate link!).

As I mentioned the curry powder I used in the recipe was sourced from Mumbai, India, where my brother and parents founded the non-profit charity Dirty Wall Project. Founded in 2009 by my brother who had been travelling for over a decade around the world with nothing but a backpack. He fell in love with India and knew he needed to do something to help. After returning home to Canada to do his first round of fundraising he was off again, back to the Saki Naka Community in Mumbai with the first $4000 he raised with the mandates "to see a need and fill it" and "I can't help everyone, but I can help someone" DWP was off to good start.

My parents soon after "retired" (they don't know what that means) from their business and began travelling to Mumbai every single year, 6 months at a time, for over a decade now to continue building on the Dirty Wall Project. 

Dirty Wall Project is *entirely* non-profit, and what I mean by that is every single dollar donated goes directly to the community. My parents go every year on their own dime, from renting an apartment, the travel, and any and all personal necessities. They connect with the community directly everyday that they are there and they ensure that the proceeds donated are being used effectively to help as many people as possible. This can mean medical fees, school fees, building projects for the community, and fun activities like taking the kids to water parks or the movies. Activities these children would never have the ability to go to. These days are lifelong memories for them.

So while I know you're here for the meal prep recipes, I wanted to take this opportunity to also share with you a little about my family and how proud I am to have such kind, loving, selfless role models in my parents and brother. If you're interested in learning more about Dirty Wall Project and how you can help, you can check out their website or follow them on instagram @dirtywallproject to learn more. A follow goes a long way :)


Back to the recipe...  


Recipe makes 4 large servings

Macros per serving:

405 cals - 13g fat - 43g carbs - 29g protein



1 tbsp oil

1 yellow onion, diced

2 tbsp curry powder

3 cloves garlic 

2 tbsp tomato paste

2 cups dry red lentils, rinsed 

796ml chopped tomatoes, canned 

2/3 cup full fat coconut milk (160ml)

1/2 cup peanut butter powder

6 cups water

4 cups spinach 

1.5 tsp salt

2 tbsp lime juice 



Warm a large pot to medium heat.

Add oil, coating the bottom of the pan.

Add in diced yellow onion and a pinch of salt. 

Saute onion for 2-3 minutes or until softened, not translucent.

Add in chopped garlic cloves and curry powder.

Saute for 1 minute to warm the spices.

Add in tomato paste, rinsed red lentils, chopped tomatoes, coconut milk, peanut butter powder and water.

Stir everything together and bring to a boil.

Once boiling immediately reduce heat to a simmer.

Cook for 20 minutes or until red lentils are cooked through.

Add in spinach, salt, and lime juice.

Mix until spinach is wilted. 

Taste test and see if you want any more salt.

Plate into 4 containers or bowls and enjoy with the suggested sides at the top of the recipe page. 




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