5 Minute High Protein Vegan Lunch

5 Minute High Protein Vegan Lunch


A classic deli style sandwich but make it vegan, high protein, and most importantly in 5 minutes!

The 20g fat comes from the mayo and a bit from the tofu. If you want to reduce the fat simply swap mayo for more mustard, hot sauce, or even a tbsp of vegan greek yogurt!


Recipe makes one serving

Macros per serving:

416 cals - 20g fat - 33g carbs - 26g protein



2 slices whole wheat bread (this one has 11g protein per serving)

1/2 brick smoked tofu (15g protein per serving)

1 tbsp mayo

1 tbsp mustard

2-3 slices tomato

2-3 slices cucumber

1/3 cup crisp lettuce



For a fresh veggie sandwich I prefer to keep my bread not toasted but toast it if you like!

Add 1 tbsp mayo to the bottom bread.

Add thick slices of smoked tofu.

Add tomato, then cucumber, then lettuce.

Add mustard to the top bread.

Seal the sandwich, slice, and enjoy!



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