10% Off Devious Foods Protein Seasonings & Cookies

10% Off Devious Foods Protein Seasonings & Cookies

I am obsessed with Devious Foods protein seasonings!! They are an incredibly tasty and efficient way to boost your protein at each meal time. The seasonings come in Cashew Parm, Chili Lime, Superfood Topper, and Salt and Pepper flavours. Each spice adds 10g of protein to your meal for 100 calories, along with excellent flavour and micronutrients!

Devious Foods can also satisfy your sweet tooth with their all natural protein cookies. Made from organic pumpkin seeds, extra virgin olive oil and organic dates. Their unique high quality ingredients pack 16g of protein plus valuable nutrients to energize your day!

Use The 10% Off Discount Code: "EVANN10" to shop!


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