Dark Chocolate Protein Truffles

Dark Chocolate Protein Truffles


The easiest protein treat that feels super decadent while keeping your macros tight. Use any flavour of protein powder you like to mix up the flavours!


Recipe notes:

I use Zazubean chocolate because it is really high quality cacao. It's 85% real cacao and has no added sugar, making it the perfect chocolate for those healthy meal prep treats!


Recipe makes 12 large truffles

Macros per serving:

145 cals - 9g fat - 8g carbs - 8g protein



2 cups plain coconut yogurt

125g chocolate protein

2 Zazubean Super Dark Chocolate Panama Bars (160g chocolate)



Add the yogurt and protein powder to a mixing bowl and whip until smooth.

Line a tray that fits into the freezer with parchment paper.

Roll the batter into 12 large truffle balls. You may need to wet your hands so the batter doesn't stick to you.

Set the balls in the freezer to get really firm, 3-4 hrs.

Melt the chocolate and drop the frozen balls into it, rolling to cover every side evenly. If using sea salt, immediately top with sea salt before the chocolate hardens.

Set chocolate covered balls back on to the parchment lined sheet.

Use up any remaining melted chocolate by drizzling back and forth across the truffles.

Set the truffles in the fridge to firm up the chocolate completely, 20 minutes.

Keep truffles in the fridge until ready to eat.


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