5 Minute Low Calorie Lunch Salad

5 Minute Low Calorie Lunch Salad


The key to eating healthy nourishing meals everyday is having ready to eat staple items in your fridge and pantry. Smoked tofu is definitely one of those ingredients under the protein category for me because it tastes amazing straight from the package. The only issue is you have to eat half a pack to get a good amount of protein in, so I definitely look out for sales and grab several packs when there is one. 

Other staple items for me is a hummus. I know this is easy to make, and if you want to make a batch every week then you should. For me, I cook constantly, so grabbing the double pack of ready made hummus from Costco is it for me. I also always have a plain vegan yogurt and a good hot sauce.

For this particular meal, given that I was using half a pack of smoked tofu for my lunch protein and my daily goal is 100g protein I knew I needed another protein source. Hemp seeds are great for this. While they're primarily a fat source, they do contain all nine essential amino acids and have a considerable 3g protein per tablespoon. To ramp up my protein for the salad I used two tablespoons.

Other benefits from the meal: probiotics from yogurt and real fermented pickles (the kind that comes from the fridge section!), micro greens for optimal vitamins and minerals per bite, and red wine vinegar for a nice tang but also a great digestive!


Recipe makes one salad

Macros per salad:

367 cals - 23g fat - 15g carbs - 25g protein



2 cups lettuce/micro greens

1 tbsp red wine vinegar

1 pickled, diced, my favourite is Bubbies Pickles

1/2 package smoked sriracha tofu, Sunrise Soya makes this!

2 tbsp hemp seeds

2 tbsp hummus 

2 tbsp plain vegan yogurt

1 tbsp sriracha hot sauce

salt and pepper to taste



Add your greens to a bowl and dress with the red wine vinegar.

Add in chopped pickle and cubed smoked tofu.

Top with hemp seeds, hummus, yogurt, sriracha, and salt and pepper to taste.

Toss together and enjoy!



If you love simple, high protein plant-based meals like this one make sure to check out the High Protein Vegan Ebook Collection!




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