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SOY FREE - High Protein Vegan Breakfast E-Book

SOY FREE - High Protein Vegan Breakfast E-Book

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 Elevate your mornings with the High Protein Vegan - Soy Free Breakfast Ebook! Packed with simple to make meal prep recipes that are refined-sugar free, gluten free, plant-based and made using mostly whole food ingredients. Each recipe transforms a basic breakfast recipe into a protein power house. The recipes use protein sources like:

Textured pea protein, seitan, lentils, beans as the carb and protein source balanced with additional protein packed ingredients like nutritional yeast and hemp hearts, as well as protein powder.

Whether you are soy free or not this ebook collection will help you diversify your plant-based diet by introducing different ways to hit your protein goals without the use of tofu, tempeh, edamame or textured vegetable protein. 

What are you waiting for?! Let’s get your meal prep on autopilot.

Macros included with each recipe.


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